Pack all Ready to Go



Planning… so much planning!

So I had this conversation with my friend Norma about a year and a half ago. She was planning on hiking the El Camino as part of her individual life journey. She’s much more spiritual than I am so thought it would be something she’d really get lots out of. But for some reason she stalled in her plan.

Six months later I discovered that, crap, I was rapidly approaching my 50th birthday! What had I really accomplished? Who the hell was I? What could I do to convince myself that after 50 years I’d done something just for me, challenging and dynamic? The more I looked at Norma’s El Camino adventure, I decided this could be a very cool way to celebrate me! I reignited her initial plan and along the planning process discovered that I really missed personal challenges. I had already put together a plan to transform myself, physically over the last six years, and so knew this adventure would also help me mentally as well. So it was agreed, we would do this together. What better way to cap off my 50th and Norma’s 70th year on earth than hiking 300 km across Portugal and Spain. We’ll be heading out early September 2018 into early October!

Let the games begin!!